Product & Solution

Discover the complete Cartec assortment. You will find the best products specially designed and selected to meet your needs. Cartec is your total supplier.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cartec supplies an extensive range of professional maintenance products for cleaning and decorating the exterior and interior of cars. 

To be able to work faster and more effectively, a selection of the best products has been made, processed in a simple step system and a handy storage rack. Discover Colorline.

Polishing & Paint Correction

The Refinish Line offers a complete system of polishing products that guarantees you in two steps a 100% hologram-free and deep-glossy result.

Specially selected products such as polishing sponges and wall systems increase ease of use and efficiency.

Durable Paint Protection

Ceramic Guard and Wax Guard are car paint seals with a long-term guarantee. The products give a visibly higher and deeper shine to the paint of your car.

Moreover, it protects the paint against dirt and weather influences.

The Ultimate Car Wash Experience

Car wash products that assure you of the highest attainable result in your car wash. Royal Care is characterized by a powerful cleaning, extremely good drying results, an unprecedented deep shine and long protection.

The line is environmentally friendly, highly concentrated and has a pleasant odor.

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