“We Don’t Clean Or Wash Your Car, We Protect Your Car Investment”

About Malaysia

We started with a simple idea.

At Cartec Malaysia, we fully understand the tough challenges for car owners to find reliable and trustworthy service provider where they can clean and protect their cars. We are always keen to prove to car owners not just clean and beautify their cars, we make it different by providing a premium quality service to protect your car investment.

We are here to make a difference in auto detailers, giving them the latest technology, a technique that works, workability of servicing method and giving the highest quality services to the car owners. It is simple, easy, quick with high end quality results.

Cartec Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Autocolortech Marketing Sdn Bhd (ACM). ACM is a distributor for Automotive Paint a.k.a Automotive Refinishing. The company, Syarikat Aik Seng has started since 1982, by 5 brothers who introduce 2K paint system & dry sanding system in the Malaysia market and eventually grown bigger. ACM was incorporated in 1990.

Since 2012, ACM has decided to expand to its second line which is distributing car care products, mainly Cartec brand which is from The Netherland. In a short 6 years, Cartec Malaysia has grown and today, we covered the whole Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei & Singapore.

Car Care Protection Expert

We are also specialized in education where we teach and train with best knowledge on auto detailing & auto refinishing topics. Cartec Malaysia team consist of experience individuals with strong automotive and auto detailing background. We are individuals with specialize talents in technical, training, sales, management, marketing, accounting, human resource and event organizing.
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With more than 30-years of experience in Car Protection Care, we are passionate guide and work along with more than 100+ detailers to ensure of delivering high quality job in next 5 years.
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Become the market leader for supplying auto detailing products and also education provider in South East Asia.
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Creating a successful business for all our detailers partner by offering innovative product solutions, knowledge and service.

Our Team

We are a team that will guide and work along with detailers to ensure of delivering high quality job.

Our products has expand from car cleaners to wax to polish and now the latest car coating product, Ceramic Guard.


Our proven excellent track records

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